workshop abstract

Is it possible to spot and visually tell multiple stories from a singular dataset? How many alternatives can we think of? Can we do it only playing with fixed visual elements, given format, typologies of lines and color palette? Can we create meaningful, beautiful, and well-composed data visualizations with such constraints?

In this workshop we’ll see how to build data visualizations able to enlighten multiple stories. Using a singular (rich) dataset and rigid graphic constraints, attendees will explore and learn the process of:

– Selecting a main story to display
– Composing the main architecture (the formalized base through which the main story will be mapped and displayed)
– Choosing proper visual elements (among given) to represent the story we want to tell
– Elucidating internal relationships between elements
– Supplementing the main story through the addition of eventual “minor tales”
– Finalizing the piece through hierarchy balancing, providing a self-explanatory legend and fine tuning of
Participants (or small teams) will be given with the same:

Dataset (excel), graphic boundaries (Adobe illustrator file with graphic constraints, ready to be filled), Dataviz kit (Adobe Illustrator file with several graphic elements to choose among, already sized according to the data), and inspirational material (additional folder with visual references for the overall composition, references will mainly be artistic pieces rather than existent infographic or dataviz).

Each participant (or small team) will just have to drag the elements around (no particular skills needed) and change colors, texts and other minor details to create a 3-hour dataviz on the same topic, but telling and displaying their personal story. Workshop results will then constitute an online collaborative dataviz project.